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MAIC School Club

MAIC (Mathematics • Artificial Intelligence • Coding) is our hands-on, project-based and expert-led after school club that aims to reinforce the teaching of mathematics and coding in schools through the design and development of real-world, innovative and fun artificial intelligence (AI) related technology projects.

  • Exciting real-world maths

    Children learn to appreciate real-world applications of mathematics, connecting the theory that they learn in the classroom with exciting real-world use-cases.

  • Fun, safe and engaging

    Children design and build cool, innovative and intellectually-stimulating things in a fun, relaxed and safe environment.

  • Logical thinking and imagination

    Children learn to think logically yet are encouraged to use their imaginations through student-led projects to explore the endless possibilities of maths, coding and AI.

  • Love of maths and coding

    Children learn to love maths and coding, even if they don't realise it!

Interested in starting a MAIC club for your school? Contact us to arrange a free taster day.

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality
  • Robotics & Automation
  • Object & Gesture Recognition
  • Foreign Language Learning
Virtual Reality

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Discover some of our MAIC projects

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Building a Pokémon Go-style game

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Robotics & Automation


Programming intelligent robots

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Object & Gesture Recognition

Object Recognition

Recognising images and gestures

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Foreign Language Learning

Foreign Languages

Learning to read and write Japanese

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Employment and Skills

We work with local councils to deliver digital training courses to socio-economically disadvantaged people in order to equip them with modern digital skills, helping to both improve employment prospects for local residents and to meet the recruitment needs of local businesses.

As part of this training service, we fully subsidise the examination fees to become a certified programmer, as well as assisting with job applications, CV reviews and interview preparations.

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